Time For Spring Cleaning 🧹🧽

Dre Baldwin
2 min readDec 2, 2023

Growing up, I had a friend who had a REALLY junky house.

He lived with his mom, older brother and younger sister. They were all normal, properly-functioning people on the surface. But when I say their home was “junky,” I mean that when you came inside to the living room, you couldn’t see the color of the living room carpet. It was covered with boxes, clothes, laundry, and old newspapers.

This was some Hoarders-level shit.

One day I went to this friend’s house, and it was clean.

I could see that the carpet was a dark burnt orange.

“What happened?” I asked my friend.

“Spring cleaning.”


Your current life and situation is my friend’s junky house.

The junk and garbage covering YOUR carpet are the habits and behaviors that got you here — and have you stuck here.

Want to move forward? Time for spring cleaning.

Time to throw a large percentage of your stuff in the garbage, keep only a few essentials.

This is NOT easy to do. Most of the habits you’ll throw away are things you like, are good at, and are emotionally attached to thinking and doing.

That’s exactly why they must go.

This all comes with an “if.”

“IF” you want to advance.

Yes, I know — just a little more hard work with all of your current habits and things will miraculously turn around. One more motivational book, YouTube video and Instagram post is all you’re missing.

You “just need to ___________” and you’re good.

How many more times are you gonna tell yourself that?

This is your life, of course. You can keep everything as-is, and stay in the same place for the rest of your life.

Your choice.

But it IS a choice.

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