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Dre Baldwin
3 min readSep 23, 2020

Right now and in the immediate future, there will be both increased and new opportunities for Black and Brown people to “get on.”

Jobs, consulting contracts, media appearances, whatever else is an opportunity in your world.

Companies will want to look like they’re walking the talk from their social justice statements and hashtags, and there are people with itchy Twitter fingers at the ready to call them out on it if they don’t.

I’m expecting more Black faces on the agendas when speaking at conferences. If you work in corporate, maybe more of your ideas will receive serious consideration now. Hell, maybe YouTube and TikTok will push more of your content to the top of the algorithms to get seen.

I share this not to argue whether this is wrong or right. It’s the direction in which the game is going.

Here’s a truth that goes with it: the best performers will still be the highest-paid people, those who deliver the most and most consistent results.

While the tide will rise for everyone on some levels, there’s still levels to this shit — there will still be a hierarchy that maintains order.

I anticipate that Black and Brown people will have more opportunity than before, but there are still zero-sum games to be played.

Don’t get it twisted. Keep working.

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