The Hidden Taxes You Pay 💰🙈

Dre Baldwin
2 min readDec 3, 2023

Oh — you thought the government’s fees (income + property + sales + estate + capital gains + everything else) was the only tax you pay?

On the contrary…

1) Ineffectively-Used Time.

This, you can never get back.

Some people pay hours and days of this tax; others pay in decades. Either way it costs you. And there are no refunds or chargebacks. Once you’ve paid with your time, it’s gone.

2) Passed-On Opportunity.

The things you don’t do because you think you know better (when you don’t know better). In other words, this tax is enforced when you’re too smart for your own good.

3) Missed Opportunity.

The stuff you don’t see because you’re not even looking (or don’t know where to look). This is a result of being closed-off from insights — insights which come from other people who know things that you don’t know.

4) Inaccurate Formulas.

Thinking that you know that way… but that’s NOT the way.

One example is spending your time (your most limited resource) when you should be spending your money (an unlimited resource — in the USA, backed by literally nothing but blind faith) to achieve an outcome.

Ex: Starting a business with no help and taking 5 years to get it off the ground by yourself, when you could have hired a consultant or coach and got it running smoothly in 6 months.


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