The Dangerous Truth About Why Your Game Isn’t Taking Off…

Dre Baldwin
2 min readDec 16, 2020


Some people come across me now, seeing the way that I present myself, and assume that I’ve always been the “star.”

That it’s been easy for me because I’ve always been talented, privileged and “favored” for opportunity.

They say: “You wouldn’t understand MY situation, Dre — you’ve probably always been one of the better players and had it easy because of your talent. You don’t know what it’s like to *not* be one of the better, privileged ones.”


I played ONE year of high school ball — as a senior, because I wasn’t good the first 3 years — and averaged 2ppg.

Walked on at a D3 college that had never produced a professional ballplayer.

Hustled my way into Overseas Basketball, back when there was ZERO information about how to even do it.

After sports, I had no “in” to the business world.

I’ve never had any content (written, video, audio) go viral. But I never stopped publishing. That consistency adds up.

When you see me on a stage speaking, or guesting on someone else’s show, it’s because I SOLD myself to get that opportunity or appearance. Selling myself is a skill I developed (and now teach).

I landed a traditional publishing deal for “Work On Your Game [The Book]” because I’d sold thousands of independently-published books on my own BEFORE any publisher even knew of me.

The point: I worked my way from sitting the Bench to playing in the Game.

Learned how to develop my game.

Then, how to put it on display.

Lastly, how to exchange my game for money, attention, opportunity etc.

I wrote this not to tell you about me, but to tell you about YOU.

You feel like you’re on the bench right now.

You feel you’ll never get a chance to play and show what you can do.

Maybe you know you’re not ready yet and need to improve.

Maybe you are ready, and just haven’t gotten the chance yet.

Maybe you think you’ve shown more than enough, but are still being overlooked.

Dre Baldwin has been ALL of those people. My full time job is helping people like you.

If this message is speaking to you, you need to reply / DM me and let’s talk about how we will get you in the game the RIGHT way.

When you’re ready to get off the bench and on the damn game, check out Work On Your Game University so you can stop letting your game go to waste.

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