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Dre Baldwin
2 min readNov 28, 2023

Certification: the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.

I know professional speakers who have climbed the National Speakers Association (NSA) ladder of credentials, and as a result have a bunch of letters after their names. Things like CSP — “Certified Speaking Professional” — whatever that means.

I have none, but have a five-figure speaking fee.

I know coaches who have gone through different coaching certification programs, and have the accompanying credential letters or titles after their names.

I have zero, yet I don’t coach anyone for less than a five-figure investment.

Back in the day, I knew athletes who went through all types of training programs, had multiple trainers, and played in all the best AAU programs.

I had none of any of those. But still had a nearly decade-long professional playing career.

I have only one credential.


In speaking, I simply decided on a fee and started asking for it.

As a coach, I built my brand to reflect what I charge.

In sports, I sold my way into the room — and played my way into staying.

You may want many credentials. You NEED only one credential.

It’s the same one I have.

Stop waiting to be approved-of, granted permission, or co-signed by anyone.

Many of the people who hand out certifications want you to feel as if you need that certification so that they can feel superior to you. All the while, they make you climb a ladder, one step at a time, at a pace they set for you. And you pay for the privilege of their approval. It’s an ego thing for them.

Fuck them.

You don’t need anyone’s approval.

You need only the approval of the person in the mirror, and the balls to do something with that self-appointed approval.

The next client of yours who asks you for your certifications before handing you a check, will be the first.

For the self-approval and action:

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