My Not-Really-Secret Content Creation Dirty Little Secret…

Dre Baldwin
2 min readDec 2, 2020

That’s how much time I spend creating content.

This is not to say that writing and recording are all I do (though I do a lot of it). What it means is that I’m always thinking about, looking for and noticing things that will content. Everything that happens to or around me has potential to become a story or topic of discussion.

For example, I went to a restaurant on Miami Beach in mid-November…

Anna had made the reservation on OpenTable. We get there and the hostess can’t find the reservation on her tablet, even though Anna was showing the hostess the confirmation on her iPhone screen. The hostess concluded that while she didn’t see it on her end, she would accommodate us anyway, as if the hostess was doing us a favor.

Once seated, the hot Miami son was hitting and exact spot at our table — right around our stomachs. The good thing was, there was an unopened shade umbrella right in front of our table.

We asked our waiter to open it. He tried, but the umbrella was too big to fit around the other umbrellas already set up. The manager came over and tried to help, but couldn’t make it work either. Finally, the manager came to us and explained that they couldn’t open the umbrella without moving all the tables and people around for it to fit, and now that the restaurant was open, it was too late for that. So we were stuck getting hit by this sliver of hot sun.

Then the manager just walked away.

Anna has a background in hospitality. I started telling her how SHE could create content out of what had happened so far at the restaurant. And yet, here I am writing about it myself.

I can’t help it. I don’t want to help it.

In conclusion, I don’t put aside time for content. ALL my time is content. That’s why I never run out of it.

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