If You’re Bitter And Want REVENGE, Here’s How To Use That Energy…

Dre Baldwin
2 min readOct 23, 2020

I’ve had young basketball players, players who’ve heard my story, ask me how I feel about the coach who ran me out of the hoops program my junior year.

These players have dealt with coaches they don’t like or have butted heads with, may have found themselves off of teams because of it, and seem to be seeking confirmation from me that they have a right to feel animus towards that hating-ass coach.

I was never mad at that coach, though. I knew what his angle was and why he had it: he was new to the school and thus wanted to put his own stamp on the program — a stamp that included the player he chose, not the players the old coach had left behind for him.

Being young and immature, I didn’t play the situation well and paid for it with what was left of my college career.

I was on a guy’s show who asked me about how I was able to stay focused and positive after such an unceremonious end to my college basketball career.

Simple, I told him: I just had to add more to my story.

I knew that the only way I could prove this coach wrong and me better than the players he’d kept, for posterity’s sake if nothing else, was to continue my hoops career into the professional ranks.

I did that — at which point my college career changed from a disgraced ending to merely more “ascending action” leading to the climax of becoming a professional player.

Had I never played again after being off my college team, that would have BEEN the end of my story. Since I made the CHOICE to keep going, though, the story continued.

What this means for you: you choose what your story becomes. While some bullshit that you didn’t want and isn’t your fault may (will) occur, that will define your story only if you fail to do anything else after that.

As long as you keep going after the bullshit, the bullshit becomes just another impressively-overcome obstacle in your story of glory & accomplishment.

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Originally published at https://dreallday.com on October 23, 2020.

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