If Your Dog Dies, It’s YOUR Fault…

Dre Baldwin
2 min readDec 21, 2020

Have you ever fed medicine to a dog?

Dogs don’t like medicine. And, unlike with humans, you can’t rationalize with a dog to ingest something they don’t like for their long-term positive benefit.

To get a dog to take medicine, you have to trick them. I’ve wrapped medicine in deli meat. Hid medicine inside dog treats. Crushed pills and slipped it in the dog food bowl. Concealed it in peanut butter and let dogs lick it off my fingers.

Those all worked.

Humans are like dogs in some ways, particularly the parallels of feeding people knowledge the way you feed a dog medicine. A small percentage of people go looking for “mental medicine”: instructions and processes that require time and effort. These are the courses, workshops and coaching programs you see out there. Only a very tiny percentage of people ever even consider signing up for those. They know when they look for it that what they find will require hard work.

Most people never look for such things, but without the medicine, they can’t possibly grow and prosper. How do you get it to the masses, then? The same way you medicate your French Bulldog: Hide the pills inside a treat.

Entertain. Tell a story. Make it fun. Meet them where they are, then slowly bring them to where you are.

The people (unknowingly) get their vitamins while thinking they’ve merely been entertained. You get your point across. Win-Win.

2% of people are ambitious. Preach ambition and hard work to the world, and you have cut off 98% of your potential audience. Ambition takes time, effort and focus. Those are to people what medicine is to your dog.

2% of 7 billion is 14,000,000. That’s still a lot of people. But why limit yourself?

Instead, give people what they want — entertainment, passive consumption, no requests for time or effort — while surreptitiously slipping in what they need: knowledge, skills, new ways of thinking.

Too much of one without the other, and the dog dies or either starvation or indigestion.

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Originally published at https://dreallday.com on December 21, 2020.

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