How To Speak The Language Of Your Customer in 6 Minutes And Avoid “Selling To No One…”

If you have something to sell, remember this: The Market (aka the people whose attention and resources you’re after) does not care about you.

Let me make clear that “something to sell” need not be a specific product or service and asking for money in exchange.

If you post a photo on Instagram, you’re selling the allure of that post to your followers (and maybe some new admirers).

When you apply for a job, you’re selling yourself to the position.

When you’re swiping on Tinder, you’re selling your profile photo and headline to possible mates.

In other words, we all, always, have something to sell.

When you’re selling, then (read: always), remember: The Market is selfish.

It only cares about what IT wants — not what you want. Actually, The Market doesn’t care about what you’re offering, either.

If you need to sell three insurance policies by Friday to ensure that you can pay your mortgage this month, The Market doesn’t care. It does care, however, that you have what insurance policy prospects are looking for — if you do, you’ll make your sales.

When I write a book, the fact that I, Dre (or any other author), wrote the book does not matter to The Market.

What does matter is if the material in that book can help solve someone’s problems — and if I can position my book to communicate such info so as to persuade buyers.

If I succeed in doing this, my book sells. If I fail, crickets.

If you’re wondering how such an equation works for a famous person who appears to be selling books based off of their name alone, that’s exactly the point: their brand name is what people want. So they buy.

If you want to achieve better results with what you’re selling — and if you don’t know what you’re selling, get to work on knowing this, because you are selling something — think like The Market thinks.

What do people want?

How do they want it?

What problem(s) am I solving?

How am I solving it?

And… Is my “sales pitch” making it unambiguously, crystal clear what my offer does for people?

When you have answers to all the above, The Market responds.

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The Discipline to Produce Your Best On Your Toughest Days. It ain’t for everybody. #TheThirdDay Creator of #WorkOnYourGame.

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Dre Baldwin

Dre Baldwin

The Discipline to Produce Your Best On Your Toughest Days. It ain’t for everybody. #TheThirdDay Creator of #WorkOnYourGame.

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