How To Quickly Turn Bad Luck To Good Luck And Never Be Stopped By A Bad Break…

Dre Baldwin
3 min readDec 7, 2020

When I ended up out of my college hoops program as a junior, it was a bad break resulting from bad luck.

But, it triggered two good things -

1) A “me vs. the world” mentality that I used as motivation to drive my actions. That energy powered me to my goal of making it to the professional level.

2) The story of what had happened, combined with the happy ending that came after, made for the ultimate comeback story — and story that audiences love hearing to this day.

I didn’t think about it in exactly that way when it occurred; I was naturally dealing with the shock of what had just happened. But, within 72 hours, I was already reorganizing my mind, looking at the “new normal” of my life, and figuring what my next steps would need to be.

Could I transfer to another school to play? How would I work on my game around my classes and the basketball team’s schedule (since our campus had only one gym)? What did I need to work on? How exactly could I get my shot at playing at the next level?

The process had changed; the goal had not.

That bad break and bad luck actually helped me. The story wouldn’t be as impressive, and I wouldn’t look as much like a superhero, without…



Dre Baldwin

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