How To Quickly Know Your Entire Game In Detail So You Can Be The Leader…

Dre Baldwin
3 min readJun 17, 2020
How To Quickly Know Your Entire Game In Detail So You Can Be The Leader...

During a timeout in an NBA game, LeBron James exhorted a teammate to never leave a certain opposing player open from the 3-point line.

LeBron’s teammate had read the scouting report on the opponent before the game — he knew he’d done the right thing by leaving that player open. He replied to LeBron that the player in question should be left open: he’s only a 29% 3-point shooter (FYI, 29% is not good).

That’s true, LeBron agreed. But, he retorted, the guy shoots 44% from the right corner (FYI: 44% is Stephen Curry territory). So we can’t let him shoot from there — the one spot where he IS good.


Most people can explain what they do fairly easily (whether this explanation is compelling or not is a different story). Most are pretty good, also, at explaining how they do it, the process of their work.

How you become an expert isn’t simply by mastering the what and the how — with a solid enough system and ample resources, anyone can get these down pretty well.

The experts can decipher WHY things are happening. They see details that others don’t see, the anomalies hidden within the “facts,” and make logic out of mysteries.

None of this occurs by chance.

Experts make a science of their work by studying — themselves, their colleagues, their clients, and the problems they solve — and knowing as much as they can possibly know about their games.

Nothing is left to chance.

How do you even get started at this? First, you have to make a decision: where are you planting your flag?

Where are you willing to stay and invest long enough that you can go deep enough to know the stats behind the stats like LeBron did?

What’s worth it for you?

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