I took a Music 100 class my freshman year of college, Fall semester. 8 AM.

I was a Psych major as a freshman, and later changed to Business. Music 100 was an “elective.” In other words, it was one of several purposeless classes I could “elect” to take just to…

Have you ever fed medicine to a dog?

Dogs don’t like medicine. And, unlike with humans, you can’t rationalize with a dog to ingest something they don’t like for their long-term positive benefit.

To get a dog to take medicine, you have to trick them. I’ve wrapped medicine in deli…

We don’t cook at home.

For us, events like Thanksgiving mean either going to someone else’s home, or to a restaurant that’s open for the holiday.

We went to a popular place this most recent Thanksgiving. The place has an outdoor patio with a great view of the evening city…


Some people come across me now, seeing the way that I present myself, and assume that I’ve always been the “star.”

That it’s been easy for me because I’ve always been talented, privileged and “favored” for opportunity.

They say…

Someone commented on one of my recent live streams, in which I touched on some political stuff from a practical outsider perspective, that I should run for political office.

Though it was a tongue in cheek comment, I appreciate the sentiment.

I think I’d be good at politics. Telling people…

The most common thing I hear whenever I’m in a back-and-forth debate/argument with someone (always in person; I don’t do much internet debate): “you’re not listening.”

Maybe, I’m just a terrible listener who loves the sound of his own voice. I allow space for that possibility.

Or, “you’re not listening…

The title: “Why TRUMP Will Win 2020 Election”

My argument was built from the perspective of observing and noting what I saw; not sharing what I wanted to happen, but what I thought would happen and why. I made my case as objectively as I could.

Trump supporters, who seem…

When I ended up out of my college hoops program as a junior, it was a bad break resulting from bad luck.

But, it triggered two good things -

1) A “me vs. the world” mentality that I used as motivation to drive my actions. …

1) You share your point of view

2) Someone offers a dissenting point of view.

3) You engage, defending your point of view.

4) The commentator accuses you of being “defensive,” as if this is some sort of code violation.

In basketball, there’s a common cliche: defense wins championships.


That’s how much time I spend creating content.

This is not to say that writing and recording are all I do (though I do a lot of it). What it means is that I’m always thinking about, looking for and noticing things that will content. …

Dre Baldwin

The Discipline to Produce Your Best On Your Toughest Days. It ain’t for everybody. #TheThirdDay Creator of #WorkOnYourGame. DreAllDay.com

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